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Five links to interesting articles I read this week.

five red button Happy Easter! Here are five links to keep you thinking throughout the weekend.

The “15 Second Kiss” Experiment – Married with kids? This article is for you!!!!

Do We Really Need More Churches in America? – Great perspective!

3 Big Questions Kids Ask on Good Friday – great perspective for those with curious kids.

Heaven is For Real – Good review if you’re considering watching the movie.

Saved From Hate – An interview with the son of deceased pastor of Westboro Baptist Church.

five red buttonFive more insightful articles to get you through the weekend. Enjoy!

A Thread Called Grace – A powerful confession of someone dealing with sexual abuse in his past.

A Year of Grieving Dangerously – Kay Warren talks about dealing with the suicide of her son Matthew.

God Used Me to Stop a School Shooter – An incredible interview with a woman who talked down a school shooter.

Let Them Eat Dirt – Amazing perspective for all parents out there who can tend to be overprotective.

The Incredible Story of a Rwandan Genocide Survivor – Powerful story!

five red buttonBringing back and older post format. Here are links to five good stories I’ve read this week that I’ll pass onto you:

Read Fiction and Become a More Interesting Preacher – Here’s why I read a ton of fiction along with my non-fiction.

Twenty of the Most Influential Evangelicals in America – I’m assuming I’m #21, but numbers aren’t important.

Update From an Overweight Christian – I love Thom Rainer’s honesty as he shares his struggle to overcome obesity.

6 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told My Church – Come on preacher preach!

Why Is Good Photography Expensive? – Explains why I pay so much of good photographs of my kids!

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8.24.12Here are some great links that will get you to think. Enjoy!

The Danger of Calling Behavior ‘Biblical’ – Great article by Rachel Evans. Read slowly through this one.

The Business Case for Reading Novels – Why I’ve read every book by John Grisham and Tom Clancy (among many others), and why it’s not a waste of time.

Create a Great Experience – Incredible insight by Brad Lomenick. Why we work so hard to make the Mt Vernon Church experience what it is each week.

Dave Ramsay’s 3 Keys to Being Awesome – True words by Jon Acuff.

The Inside Story of Charles and Andy Stanley – If you know either of these men, this article is well worth the read.

Five for Friday

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five red buttonHey everyone, thanks for another great week of blogging! I hope these articles will help you keep you thinking through the weekend. Enjoy!

Lotteries are Bad for the Poor. Please Don’t Celebrate or Participate - Follow up from my message last Sunday. Do you secretly wish that you’d win the lottery? This myth-fueled hope is disastrous for the poor. Insightful article by Ed Stetzer.

Courageous Petraeus – Why Petraeus was courageous for stepping down from the CIA. A great perspective on the scandal-plagued general.

Leaders are Defined by the Insignificant – Needed word by Brad Lomenick for those of us who only dream about the “winning touchdown” moments of leadership.

Who is the Problem? – If you have a problem with everyone, the problem could be you. True words by Ron Edmondson.

Why the Reformation Happened When It Did – History nerd alert! Ever wondered why the Reformation happened when it did? Look no further. Great conversation starter for your next dinner party. You’re welcome.

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Five for Friday on a Thursday? Why not? Actually, there’s a good reason why I’m sending out my links today. Friday I have the privilege of guest posting on Stuff Christians Like (ranked #11 on Church Relevance’s Top 200 Christian blogs). So, I’ll post something of a welcome/splash page for folks checking out for the first time. Today, here are some great articles to consider:

How To Let a Dream Die – Perry Noble shares some great insight on how to settle for average in your life.

The 3 Components of Job Satisfaction – What does it look like to have a job that fulfills you?

Marriage With a Chronically Self-Centered Spouse – Incredible series from a Christian counselor. If this applies to you, read it!

Christianity Isn’t Dying, Cultural Christianity Is – Great research and insight into the ever changing demographics of “Christian” America.

The Three Deadliest Words in the World: “It’s a Girl” – My heart breaks for this reality. Shining the light on this deplorable practice.

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Have a great weekend!

Fact Checking the Pastor – I’m sure you never have to do it, but here’s a good laugh about all the other pastors out there.

Nine Signs You May Be Addicted to Social Media – true words from Perry Noble.

Happy Birthday Billy Graham – A moving tribute from Billy’s grandson.

Leadership Lessons from Abraham Lincoln – With the release of the movie, fitting time to dive a little deeper into his life and see what we can learn.

Top Songs Sung in Church – Here’s the list of top songs sung. Is Jordan trendy or a trendsetter?

Five for Friday

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Wednesday and Thursday I wrote about the fallout from the election. This Five for Friday will be one last cathartic experience to try and put the bitterness of the election behind us.

The People Have Spoken – What Should Christians Do Now? – Great thoughts from Ed Stetzer of Lifeway Research.

3 Things the Church Can Learn from the Election of 2012 – If you love the church, you need to read this post.

Christians, Let’s Honor the President – Great reminder from Russell Moore of Southern Seminary.

Bigger Fish to Fry Than Politics – Desiring God and priority of disciple making.

Postscript of a Presidential Election – Final thoughts from Thom Rainer of Lifeway Christian Resources.

Bonus Article: Slow Train Coming – Great perspective of how this election was decided fifty years ago.


Five for Friday

November 2, 2012 — 1 Comment

Thanks again for another week of blogging. I hope you have as much fun reading this stuff and I have fun writing it all. Here are some links to some great articles much better written than my own.

Special Team – Read an inspirational story by Rick Reilly about a group of high school football players treating a special needs student like Jesus would.

Fourteen Really Bad Predictions – How is the election going to turn out? No one knows. Think you have a prediction? Read these other predictions before you step out on a limb. Great article by Thom Rainer

Balancing Acts - Fan of Andy Stanley or Timothy Keller? Here’s a great Christianity Today article on the balancing act they walk in ministry.

11 Things I Wish I Could Say To Every Single Female – Single? Check. Female? Check. Then this post by Perry Noble is for you.

12 Keys to Authentic Leadership – Must read article by Brad Lomenick for all leaders.

Five for Friday

October 26, 2012 — 1 Comment

Here’s a Five for Friday: political edition. I know everyone’s a little tense with the election. Let’s feed the dog that’s barking the loudest this week:

The Politics of Trust – why don’t we trust our politicians anymore?

The Church & Politics = A Mess – great words from a guy (Perry Noble) who tells you how it is.

The Inconsistent Logic of Abortion Rights Advocates – want to get politically touchy? Let’s talk abortion. Great dissection of the flaws behind the abortion rights advocates.

Why is Billy Graham So Involved in the 2012 Elections? – good article. What’s bringing Billy Graham out of retirement?

What am I Doing When I Vote? - what principles should guide you when you enter the voting booth?