Why the Goal Posts Keep Moving

January 6, 2014 — 3 Comments


In life, we keep looking for finish lines, places where we can sit and rest. But the goal line keeps moving. In reality, life isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Finish lines are really just mile markers along the pathway of life.

Yet how many of us make this mistake with our Christian faith? We think that once we pray a prayer, walk an aisle, sign a card and vote ‘yes’ for Jesus, then we’re good? We’ve crossed the line, gotten our ‘get out of hell free’ card, secured our place in heaven, and now we can sit back and enjoy the good life, knowing we’ve done all that God has wanted us to do?

Our Christian faith isn’t a single decision, it’s a journey. Salvation isn’t the end of your journey, it’s the beginning. Now, we get this in other areas of life. We don’t look at the wedding as the finish line for the marriage. It’s the beginning. Birth doesn’t mark the end of raising a child, but the beginning. In the same way, deciding to follow Jesus doesn’t mark the end of your journey to God, but the beginning.

If you think that all God really wants for you is to pray a prayer and then wait for heaven, you’re mistaken. The Christian faith is a journey. I’ll explain more Wednesday.

3 responses to Why the Goal Posts Keep Moving


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