When You Introduce Yourself to a New Couple the Second Time

April 3, 2013 — 2 Comments

4.3.13It happened to me (again) this past Sunday. That awkward moment when you introduce yourself to a new couple at church, and they tell you they met you last week. Mike and Shelly. I won’t forget their names anytime soon. Here’s how the conversation went:


ME: Hey, I don’t think I’ve met you. My name’s Josh.

MIKE and SHELLY: Yeah, we met last week when you introduced yourself to us.

(awkward silence as I try to figure out how to get out of this social snafu). Thankfully, they threw me a lifeline:

MIKE and SHELLY: I’m sure you meet a lot of new people each week and it’s tough to keep all their names straight.

ME: Yes, but I’m sorry I forgot yours.


As the conversation went on, our conversation from last week came to mind, and I was able to add enough tidbits to make sure they knew that I did in fact remember meeting them last week (although belatedly).

Some people are afraid to meet new people at church because they’re afraid they’d make a fool of themselves. Take it from me, sometimes that happens. But it can’t stop you from doing your part and making newcomers feel welcome. And if you do embarrass yourself, don’t worry. I’ve done much worse.

QUESTION: Have you ever had a similar experience at church?


2 responses to When You Introduce Yourself to a New Couple the Second Time


    I hope my comment isn’t offensive, but I’m willing to go there in order to settle this recurring scenario in all of our lives. The couple who remember having met you the week before should have BEEN MORE GRACIOUS to you. They could have smiled and shaken your hand, and then, conversed with you naturally until an opening allowed them to gently add something like, “Oh, yes. Your series on hospitality is going so well. We really enjoyed last week’s sermon. We’ve wanted to ask you, ever since we chatted last week, about……….(come up with some harmless/generic question)…….is there a church supper coming up soon?” I cannot abide the person who frostily exposes me or another for not remembering having met them, even multiple times. Everyone should realize that just a brief conversation will usually have the “forgetter” saying something like, “Oh, yes! I remember now! We visited at the kids’ ballgame last month.” This boils down to pride on the part of the “forgotten.” Rant over.

    Paul Morrison April 3, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    This may be terrible but I have to say if I see new people before a service I actually try to avoid them until after the service. If we meet in the five minutes before service there is almost zero chance I will remember you- I have ten thousand other things on my mind. Which makes it really awkward an hour later when I have no clue who they are. Even after, it’s not a great time for Pastors to meet and remember someone’s name, there may be even more things on your mind than before the service began.

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